Pirelli Angel ST Sport/Touring Tyre Rear

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The First tyre with a double soul...
ANGEL ST is the tyre built especially for addressing the needs of current sport-touring bikes and from a technical point of view it contains all the major product innovations developed by Pirelli in the last years. ANGEL ST has a unique personality which is communicated through the tread pattern. In fact, its features clearly show the image of an Angel to inspire confidence and safety to the rider in any kind of riding conditions: during long journeys as in everyday riding. But after approximately 1000 kilometers, the initial angelic image passes - unveiling the icon of a Demon, with its distinctive tail and the other unique features. ANGEL ST is a tyre devoted to motorcyclists who like to travel in safety and comfort without sacrificing the thrill of the curve. ANGEL ST: the first tyre with a double soul.
  • Angel: the patented 0 steel belt beneath the tread translates immediately into easily appreciated handling, even to those who do not ride bikes professionally. The tyre is more stable and handles in a uniform manner, even in high speed riding conditions, yet when fully loaded it is more balanced in a corner, more stable under braking.
  • Demon: with the support of the compounds, the 0 steel belt ensures maximum braking stability and maximizes the contact patch at all lean angles and speeds in terms of area, shape and pressure, helping the tread to reach an unbeatable grip and stability level
  • The FRONT is characterized by side-to-side grooves to maximize drainage, and short grooves inserted to reduce the mobility of the tread which maximizes stability.
  • CELESTIAL COMFORT New chemically enhanced carcass materials specifically designed to ensure high dampening properties for variability of road surfaces.
  • ETERNAL DURABILITY and ECONOMICAL VALUE New production system resulting in controlled resistance compounds ensuring regular wear even under heavy stress.
  • RELIABILITY and SAFETY High Silica compound for maximum safety feeling in all weather conditions: a hand on the shoulder of the rider and his passenger.
  • DEMONIC GRIP The most balanced street usage compound to maximize contact at any an angle on public roads.
  • HIGH SPEED STABILITY Quick handling response from application of "zero degree" steel belt: riding confidence at high speed.
  • HANDLING EASE New generation of profile tailored for high performance Sport-Touring bikes to ensure neutral behavior during cornering.

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