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High-grip radial tuned to ensure street performance.

For riders who want to enjoy sport riding with a super sports bike, over a wide range from the racing track to a winding road.



Specially street-tuned sport tyre derived from latest racing tyre BT-003.

It's Ultimate Grip Performance derived from MotoGP technology provides riders sporty riding enjoyment with confident grip on streets and dry-condition circuits.

Street Sport Tyre with Ultimate Grip Performance is derived from MotoGP technology.

Designed for Sporty Riding enjoyment with confident grip on streets and dry-condition circuits.

Specially street-turned tyre developed from our latest racing tire BT-003 which has achieved many victories in production-class races (600cc-1000cc).

BT-003RS is the successor to BT-002RS and BT-090 and covers various engine sizes and models (from middle sport class to super sport class).

The 3LC (3 Layer Compound) and 5LC (5 Layer Compound) provide regular wear and the optimized pattern design provides longer wear life than ex-models: BT-002RS/BT-090.



New Generation Technology for Motorcycles : 3LC+Ultraction Compound

 “Ultraction Compound” was developed to achieve the best possible grip performance on public roads and dry circuits. All compounds in BT-003RS are superior in road-holding grip, especially this newly developed “Ultraction Compound” used in the shoulder part of the tread which improves road-holding grip spectacularly.

☆ “Ultraction Compound” is adopted for Super Sport size only.

The 3LC (3 Layer Compound) created from MotoGP pure racing technology also helps optimize the performance of every compound by putting the right compound in the right part of the tread.


S shaped grooves across centre of tread improve contact feeling, braking grip (for Front Tyre) and traction grip (for Rear Tyre).

Reducing Negative Ratio in shoulder part of tread improves turning ability.

Longer Shoulder grooves than BT-003 Racing enhance WET grip and shock absorption on public roads.

Optimized angle and shape of grooves contribute to noise reduction and improved mileage.





3LC + Ultraction Compound provides the necessary performance on street, with delightful handling and enhanced grip. The breaking and cornering capability on dry circuits has been improved dramatically.


Centre Compound consists of high grip compound which balances mileage and grip.

Shoulder Compound consists of “Ultraction Compound” which exerts stronger grip power in braking and cornering.

New Tread Pattern based on BT-003 Racing is tuned for increased WET grip and shock absorption on streets.

MS-BELT provides light handling, absorbs sudden input from bumps and enhances stability and good line-holding in corners.

*Size for Middle sport adopts 3LC (3 Layer Compound) without Ultraction Compound.


3LC + Ultraction Compound provides spectacular traction in acceleration from corners.

It also increases mileage and grip performance on streets by placing the right compound in the right place of the tread.

Riders can enjoy sporty riding with confidence.



Centre Compound consists of high-grip compound which has the ideal balance of powerful road-holding, stability and wear-resistant properties.

Shoulder Compound introduces “Ultraction Compound” which exerts intensive grip power in acceleration and also offers strong side grip and sure stability in deep lean angles. On circuits, riders of hi-performance motorcycles can enjoy its strong traction coming out of corners.

New Tread Pattern derived from BT-003 Racing is tuned for increased WET grip and shock absorption on streets.

SILICA RICH COMPOUND offers enhanced grip from the moment motorcycle stats moving.

MS-BELT offers good absorption of shock and excellent stability. It also enhances slide controllability and good line-holding in corners.

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