BRIDGESTONE T31 COMBO DEAL 120/70ZR17 + 190/55ZR17

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120/70ZR17 (58W) + 190/55ZR17 (75W) COMBO DEAL

Where Safety and Performance Meet

The Bridgestone BATTLAX SPORT TOURING T31 is the flagship model for the sport touring category.

The T31 maintains the stability and wear life performance of its predecessor, the BATTLAX SPORT TOURING T30EVO, while also offering improved wet performance and riding comfort.

In addition to boosting stability and handling performance, Bridgestone has developed a new front tyre compound for the T31 with higher rubber flexibility.

This enhances the bite “feel” in the wet, giving riders more confidence in tricky conditions.

Providing higher camber thrust due to a bigger contact patch in all lean angles is brings the fun factor on Sport Touring bikes to a new level as dry handling is improved as well next to the bigger steps in the wet conditions.

The T31 decreases braking distances on wet roads and delivers higher cornering grip to contribute safety trip in unpredictable weather.

The T31 tyre’s tread pattern features increased groove ratios on the shoulder of the tyre to allow for better water displacement and improved wet performance. The middle of the tyre has a reduced groove ratio to contribute to increased block rigidity for shorter braking distance under wet conditions.

The T31 tyre features a new tread compound that offers improved Silica dispersion at the molecular level, giving the tyre increased rubber flexibility.

These innovations allow the T31 tyre to better grip roads when weight is applied while also making it easier for the rubber molecules to move, generating energy loss that further increases grip.

Bridgestone also took steps to improve grip under low temperature conditions, allowing the tyres to achieve strong grip on wet surfaces.

Bridgestone has employed 3LC (dual tread compound) and CAP&BASE construction on the rear tyre, this gives the tyre increased rigidity in the tread shoulder helping the T31 tyre to maintain excellent cornering stability.

Bridgestone also has utilized its ULTIMAT EYE™ measurement technology to visualize the dynamic movement of tyres when riding.

Based on these measurements, Bridgestone has increased the adhesive area in the forward contact patch in comparison to the T30EVO tyre and reduced the slippage area in the rearward contact patch.

These changes contribute to improved wet cornering grip and increased dry handling response.

Technical aims

Upgrade the wet grip/handling performance overall with a focus in low temperatures

High feedback and contact feel of the road surface trough the tyre

Enhance the neutrality and lightness in handling performance

Increase the camber thrust forces

No sacrifice on wear life


Pattern design – linked to water drainage and block deformation

Compounding and construction (3LC + Cap and Base) – linked to feel and grip + Stability

Upgrading contact patch and adhesion/slip area.

Front Pattern

Main focus on the water drainage with balance between deformation and rigidity :

Increased SEA/LAND ratio at shoulder area

Small decreased SEA/LAND ratio at centre area

High angle groove position at centre area

Rear Pattern

Main focus on the water drainage with keeping high speed stability in mind :

Increased SEA/LAND ratio at shoulder area

Reduced SEA/LAND ratio at centre part

Adjusted groove angle generating maximum camber thrust 


Improved water drainage Better WET GRIP

Block rigidity = Reduced Brake distance

Larger contact patch = Higher camber thrust

Technical elements

3LC compound with Cap and base structure on the Rear tyre : Balance between Grip and cornering stability

New front compound with new molecular approach : Improved silica dispersion = Flexibility of the rubber increased for better contact feel of the surface

Contact patch increase (up to 7%) from 0° to full lean angle : Generating higher camber trust (force to make the bike turn)

Ultimate EYE Data shows the bigger adhesion area and smaller slippage area : Wet cornering grip improved Improved dry handling response

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