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120/70ZR17 (58W) + 190/50R17 (73W) COMBO DEAL

DIABLO ROSSO™ III is the direct successor of DIABLO ROSSO™ II but raises the bar of sport riding even higher. It extends the qualities of its predecessor, strengthening its features in terms of handling and grip, with long lasting performance.

Designed and developed with a view to equip the latest generation of powerful road bikes characterised by significant technological equipment and electronic control systems, DIABLO ROSSO™ III is a tyre born from the racetrack for the road because it takes advantage of all the research and know-how acquired by Pirelli in the FIM Superbike World Championship, in the last twelve years of participation in its capacity as Official Tyre Supplier.

DIABLO ROSSO™ III is the next step in the evolution of DIABLO ROSSO™ II, which combines all the latest technologies, the most revolutionary materials and the most innovative processes together with the know-how acquired by Pirelli in the Superbike World Championship in these last few years. Pirelli’s engineers have further strengthened all of these elements to provide an unprecedented level of performance for a supersport tyre. DIABLO ROSSO™ III greatly improves handling, absolute grip and performance in the wet, to guarantee lasting and consistent performance for the whole lifecycle of the tyre.

DIABLO ROSSO™ III presents new profiles, materials of the latest generation, an innovative structure, new compounds and a tread pattern that is derived directly from that of the DIABLO™ Supercorsa.

The main technical characteristics of the DIABLO ROSSO™ III are:

1) The twin-compound rear tyre with high percentages of silica which provides grip in all conditions giving mileage of reference in the supersport tyre segment

2) The racing-derived profiles

3) The tread which presents a pattern that is an evolution of the flash symbol already present on the DIABLO™ Supercorsa

These characteristics translate into the following advantages offered to motorcyclists by the new DIABLO ROSSO™ III:

1) The handling from the sporting background transmits to the motorcyclist a strong feeling of safety and reliability of the bike. This is made possible by the combined characteristics of profile and structure that are derived directly from the world of Superbike competition where the ability to lean into a bend quickly and with stability through corners is fundamental.

2) The exceptional grip, not only in the dry where historically Pirelli is a reference point for all competitors, but now also in the wet, thanks to the new materials and experience gained by the brand in other segments. Excellent qualities in the dry are no longer sufficient because motorcyclists are now asking for better performance in all weather conditions and with a wider spectrum of operating temperatures

3) Performance consistency over time because the qualities of the tyre are long-lasting and make it fully usable and available for its whole lifecycle.

The new DIABLO ROSSO™ III can satisfy even the most demanding riders who want a road tyre capable of guaranteeing great handling, an excellent level of grip and high performance constant over time.  More specifically, DIABLO ROSSO™ III is dedicated in particular to motorcyclists who love to ride their motorcycle with a sporty and enthusiastic riding style to feel on the road the same emotions that can be felt on the racetrack.

DIABLO ROSSO™ III is destined not only for owners of naked, supersport motorcycles but also of those of supertourer bikes who use their bike in every context, from winding roads to mountain passes, always looking for high lean angles.  These are motorcyclists who use their bike both for short trips into the country lasting a day and for medium/long-range excursions during the weekend with light luggage and, sometimes, also with a passenger, but always looking for high performance.

Finally DIABLO ROSSO™ III does not shy from even the most extreme use: occasional lovers of the racetrack will also be able to appreciate the great handling of a product born and designed for the road but derived from racing.

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